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Untitled #4

Good design, doing good

Objects that provide a second chance to formerly incarcerated people and construction debris.

    • The remnants of construction debris are carefully layed out between the 12 wood sections and then eco-resin is poured over the pieces. After hardening, it is sanded and polished.   
    • Wood from construction debris
    • Concrete from construction debris
    • Tile from construction debris
    • Wires from construction debris
    • Pipe from construction debris
    • Nails from construction debris
    • Carpet from construction debris
    Size: 48"W x 8"H x 4"D
    Custom sizes available as well as production in quantities.
      Wall mounted with brackets.
      A little about our elaborate fabrication process:
      1. Connect with a job site that has debris.
      2. Go to the site and select the material.
      3. Remove the nails and clean it up.
      4. And then the fabrication begins.
      Made by hand with TLC in San Francisco.