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7 console table

Torched black
Stained white

Good design, doing good

Objects that provide a second chance to formerly incarcerated people and construction debris.

The 7 fits perfectly into your life and your home. Defying gravity leaning against the wall, its functional shape, charred finish and brass accent (that holds your keys) create the perfect place to leave the world at the door and settle into your home life. Feels good, doesn’t it? 

  • Size: 15"W x 36"H x 12"D

  • Material: Wood and brass.

  • Torched black = torched to create alligator texture
  • Stained white
  • A little about our elaborate fabrication process:
    1. Connect with a job site that has debris.
    2. Go to the site and select the right material.
    3. Remove the nails and clean it up.
    4. And then the fabrication begins.

  • Please inquire about custom sizes.

  • Designed and made by hand with TLC in San Francisco.

  • Time to ship: about one week.