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Artisan Droplet Bottle Stopper (Blue Alabaster, large) (by Cris Wolf, sold out)

Good design, doing good

Objects that provide a second chance to formerly incarcerated people and construction debris.

This product is sold out and will be available at a later date. Sign up below to be updated when it will become available.

  • The finish is Chrome. It's also available in Gold Titanium and Black Titanium.

  • The top is made from Blue Alabaster. Alabaster is a natural stone or mineral which is often pulverized to make plaster powder. It is also a favorite for sculptors due to its variations in color and stunning natural effects. Inquire below about other materials.

  • Comes in a velvet bag.

  • Lead time: 2-4 weeks.

  • Each object is unique and made to order so there will be some variation in the finished product. 

  • Email Cris with any questions or specific order requests: