Ruler-Bookmark-Letter Opener| Formr

Ruler/Bookmark/Letter Opener

Good design, doing good

Objects that provide a second chance to formerly incarcerated people and construction debris.

Introducing the ultimate multitasking tool - our ruler/letter opener/bookmark! With this all-in-one device, you can easily measure, open letters, and mark your spot in a book. Perfect for bookworms who want to keep their place and open mail with ease. Never lose your place or struggle with envelopes again!

  • 6"W x 1/16"H x 1"D

  • Natural finish = natural wood (Doug Fir or Redwood) with tung oil

  • Every item is signed by the fabricators and comes with a personalized thank you card with the Formr story on the back
  • Every item has some variation due to the different wood species

    • A little about our elaborate fabrication process:

      1. Connect with a job site with construction debris.

      2. Go to the site, sort out the material and bring it back to the studio.

      3. Remove the nails and clean it up.

      4. And then the fabrication begins.

    • Please inquire about custom sizes or custom logos.

    • Designed and handmade with TLC in San Francisco.

    • Time to ship: about one week.