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Gary Harrell's creations in the Second Chance Collection

I started making art in 1985, eight years into a prison sentence that I would serve until 2020 — forty-five years in all. Before being incarcerated, I had played the harmonica, but I had never considered turning to visual art until I saw other men in prison making it. I started out doing woodwork and molding glass and plastic. As I expanded into new media like block prints and advanced techniques like pointillism—the meaning of art changed for me. It transformed from a desire and a hobby into a need and a vocation. I wondered how different my circumstances might have been had I discovered this passion earlier in my life.

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“Formr’s products were just the products my spouse and I were looking for: colorful, modern, stylish but still practical. In supporting Formr, I know we’re contributing to something greater.”

Maureen F.

"I'm a proud and very satisfied customer. The overLAP I purchased has worked overtime during all the WFH and distance learning my family has been doing."

Doniece S.

"It's not everyday that you get to put your money where your values are...It doesn't hurt that the design and craftsmanship is top notch and the products unique. Great people making great products with a great purpose."

Oliver H.

"There is no better feeling than doing something for others and getting an incredible gift of gratitude in return. That's what every purchase at Formr represents to me. Please continue to be well and do well, Formr."

Susan D.

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